We take our responsibilities seriously.

Since 1964, being a responsible member of our industry and our community has guided our business, our products, our relationships, and our success. Decades before it became a buzzword, our founders believed in the value of sustainability and what it meant for the environment, the industry and the people that lived and worked in both. Built on a foundation of environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility, we continue to strive toward creating the world’s most Sustainable Solutions® for clean buildings.


We believe strongly in the critical work and tremendous effort of housekeepers, janitors, and food service professionals. Our goal has always been to make effective cleaning products that offer maximum safety during production and for our clients when in use. We were the first chemical company in the cleaning industry to emphasize educational materials for the proper use of our products. We hold ourselves accountable to the end-user and recognize our role in their health and safety.


Our calling has always been to minimize the environmental footprint of cleaning. Our highly concentrated formulations and our expertise in product consolidation saves energy in shipping and storage while dramatically reducing the number and volume of cleaning materials entering the waste stream. These same formulations are designed for maximum safety, and confirmed by Green Seal™ representing the most demanding and extensive certification a company can seek.


Caring about the environment and putting people first sounds like a pretty good way to do business, and we have proven that it’s also great for a company’s financial success. We’ve always considered the triple bottom line of social, environmental and economic balance while growing our business. More and more companies are looking for green products and considering the “3 P’s” of people, planet and profit. At PortionPac Chemical Corporation, we add a “4th P” for the Passion that has always driven our vision.