The PortionPac® System offers a complete line of products for cleaning and disinfecting office complexes, government and civic buildings, health care facilities and hospitality. Our customers include building service contractors, colleges and universities, and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

Simplified Mixing

Mixing one Pac®brand pouch to a container eliminates the math and guesswork associated with bulk materials, resulting in safer and more accurate use of cleaners. Simply fill containers to their proper level with water, open one Pac®brand pouch and pour.

Color-coded and Bilingual Instruction

Color-coded products, labels, bottles and SDS make it easy to train, control and document use. A green formulation, such as ScrubPac®, has a green label and green bilingual spray bottle with SDS printed on green paper. Bilingual instructions and procedure charts help ensure accurate, productive use.

Standardization and Control

Supervisors improve safety and eliminate waste by only distributing the exact amount of product required for each job.  Clear mixing and use instructions provide a framework for standardized procedures resulting in more product control.