Our founder, Marvin Klein witnessed a terrible amount of waste back in the 1950s. The squandered time, energy and natural resources to produce, ship and dispose of cleaning formulations that were 90% water was shocking to observe. He saw millions of steel pails and multi-gallon drums shipped around the world only to be emptied and discarded. Few people actually understood how to correctly (and safely) dilute the extremely hazardous formulations for cleaning and Klein knew the answer could be found through innovation and education.

Five key principles drove the company in 1964 and still hold true today:

  • Human Health and Safety
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Improvement of Work Conditions for Custodians
  • Leadership
  • Profitability

Since our inception, we’ve formulated our products and services for safety and the environment. As the first in the cleaning industry to emphasize educational materials for the proper use of our products, passion for improving worker’s health remains a driving force for our Company. PortionPac Chemical Corporation’s long history of loyalty to our associates, suppliers and end users has earned us the respect and trust of some of the finest companies and organizations in the industry. We deeply appreciate this and remain committed to providing products and practices that are safe, effective, profitable, sustainable, drive industry leadership standards, and work to improve the human condition.