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Using standardized methods and materials, PortionPac Chemical Corporation Product Systems increase efficiency and productivity. Removing the guesswork from cleaning allows various teams across multiple environments to maintain higher cleaning and sanitation standards. Along with higher standards, these methods lead to greater product control to maximize worker efficiency and minimize waste of time and resources.

How We Standardize Products and Processes

  • Uniform products – color-coded, job coded.
  • Controlled, uniform methods.
    • Simplified, proper mixing and use.
    • Product serves as a tool for directing supervision.
  • Uniform procedures – add pre-measured chemical to water.
  • Controlled cleaning – programmed buildings.

How Standardizing Helps Your Team

  • A significantly safer worker and workplace.
  • A more sustainable workplace and environment.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Decreased costs, including reduced insurance premiums.
  • Waste eliminated.
  • Controlled inventory.