sustainability educate


Our educational services are designed to quickly get every member of your team up to speed and on the same page. We work with employees from day one to implement our simple and straightforward education plan for the safe, accurate and productive use of our concentrated, portion-controlled product systems.

Who We Educate

  • Our customers on the importance of:
    • Safety and respect for cleaning professionals.
    • A properly cleaned indoor environment.
  • Janitors on safe and efficient cleaning methods, thereby instilling pride in their efforts.
  • Our industry on the impact of cleaning, safety, the role of the custodian, and the environment.
  • Ourselves on how to best meet the needs of our customers, industry, and the environment.

Why We Educate

  • To significantly elevate safety for workers and in the workplace.
  • To create a more sustainable workplace and environment.
  • To increase productivity.
  • To decrease costs, including reducing insurance premiums.
  • To improve control.