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With PortionPac Chemical Corporation Product Systems, personnel simply fill their containers with water and add the contents of a single Pac® brand pouch. By eliminating redundant supplies, customers typically reduce their cleaning product assortment by 40%. Our simple, easy-to-understand system streamlines the cleaning and sanitation process, providing 10% to 20% improvement in productivity along with additional savings in purchasing, distribution and inventory.

How We Simplify the Cleaning Process

  • Remove redundant, unsafe, non-sustainable products and eliminate waste.
  • Replace with highly efficient, task-appropriate, multi-purpose products.
  • Educate staff with safer, productive products and procedures.
  • Make the “Right Way” the “Easiest Way.”

How Simplifying Helps Your Team

  • A significantly safer worker and workplace.
  • A more sustainable workplace and environment.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Decreased costs, including reduced insurance premiums.
  • Improved control.