About | PortionPac

PortionPac Chemical Corporation was founded in 1964 upon principles of supporting professionalism in the janitorial industry with highly-effective cleaning products, environmental sustainability and life-cycle benefits. Today, these same principles are even more critical to our industry and your organization’s goals. Each Pac® brand pouch helps you manage safety, promote education and improve morale.

Process & Benefits

Sustainability & Savings

  • Green Seal™ certified formulations
  • Reduced disposal cost and landfill space from minimal packaging.
  • Diminished energy usage and waste.
  • More accurate dilutions reduce costs and improve performance.


  • Increased productivity and reduced labor time. For example, no time wasted returning to supply closets to refill containers.
  • Improved compliance.
  • Cost savings. For example, no need for metering machines because cleaning solutions are prepared at the worksite.


  • Accident prevention and insurance savings because products are easy to distribute, control and use.
  • Stream-lined, effective in-service education programs using our safety and multilingual use posters and audio/visual aids.
  • Accurate product usage with our visible product color identity and permanently screened, color-matched bottles.


  • Onsite education by our team teaches users easy ways to clean better and smarter.
  • Train-the-trainer program teaches your leadership staff the knowledge and tools to train the team on all product applications and ensure successful program implementation.
  • Easy-to-use and understand visual and multi-media training aids help reinforce proper cleaning procedures.