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Pac-Per-Quart® is Innovation That Works

What if you could give your customers a safer system that also increases efficiency with products that work? The PortionPac® Pac-Per-Quart® cleaning system offers this and more with the features and benefits your customers want most.

The Power of Mobility

How much time could be saved by not returning to a supply closet mid-shift to replenish chemicals?

When every minute matters, the PortionPac® unique Pac® brand pouch offers the solution. Small, portable, and prepared at any water source, PortionPac® cleaners can be supplied for an entire shift, eliminating the need for time wasting trips to dedicated fill sites or metering stations.

Do More With Less

Give your customers the ability to clean more and spend less time managing inventory.

PortionPac® cleaners are designed to be effective on a variety of surfaces, eliminating the need for workers to carry multiple products for the same cleaning tasks. Also, by simplifying inventory management PortionPac® cleaners reduce the risks associated with improper usage and unauthorized materials.

Pac-Per-Quart® System

The ultimate mobile cleaning system designed for maximum worker efficiency.

▪ ScrubPac® All Purpose Cleaner
▪ Germicidal CleanerQ
▪ BowlPac® Bathroom Cleaner
▪ GlassPac® Glass Cleaner
▪ AirFreshPac® Air Freshener
▪ BacPac® Biologically Enhanced Detergent

PortionPac® Mini-Carton Sizes Now Available

Good things really do come in small packages!

Save 10 times the storage space versus an equivalent ready-to-use product.

PortionPac® Mini Cartons meet the needs of smaller locations, and large operations with many locations, with increased mobility so Janitors can take advantage of the just-in-time mixing needed for maximum efficiency. Mini Cartons are conveniently packaged with 24 or 30 of our best-selling Pac® brand pouches.

See all the benefits of the PortionPac® system on our website.

Contact Natasha Stiles at 312-447-5189 or reply to this email to learn more.

Celebrate Everyday Heroes

Each day we hear stories about the many heroes battling the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. Doctors, nurses, grocers, delivery services, transit workers and first responders are just a few who put themselves at risk every day to protect and support our communities.

One group of heroes is often overlooked. Janitors. Their work is essential to infection control in every public space. From disinfecting high touch surfaces, hospital rooms and bathroom fixtures to promptly clearing spills and trip hazards, janitors make the facilities they steward safer for everyone.

Now more than ever, sanitation professionals are at the forefront of this battle. They are critical to helping flatten the infection curve, reducing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting our communities.

Honor Our Everyday Heroes

If you are following your state and local government recommendations, you are likely spending quite a bit of time at home. When you do go out for essential needs, you may see some of these frontline sanitation heroes. They are doing incredibly important work to protect our health and safety at their own personal risk. Take a moment to thank them.

To learn more about how frontline cleaning workers’ efforts affect an entire university campus, check out this article about UNC Chapel Hill’s Housekeeping Services.