Sustainability | PortionPac

PortionPac Chemical Corporation believes less is more, a philosophy we like so much we designed our 3 product lines around it. Since 1964, PortionPac Chemical Corporation has manufactured concentrated detergents and floor finishes in Pacs®, helping janitors, housekeepers and food service professionals in every industry do their job more effectively while using less product.

Even when ready-to-use, multi-gallon drums were the industry standard, we produced only pre-measured, high-concentrate cleaning products. It’s the reason our products are still the simplest and most labor effective detergent system in the world.

PortionPac Systems offer the same benefits as highly-concentrated “unit-dosage” pharmaceuticals and portion-controlled foods:
• accurate and controlled material use
• inventory control
• ease of training
• efficiency and standardization
• reduced handling, freight, storage and distribution costs
• decreased energy spent in production, transportation, distribution and storage
• lessened quantity of detergents
• eliminated wasted labor from misuse
• diminished waste from minimal, re-usable and recycled packaging

PortionPac Chemical Corpration System’s pre-measured cleaning products address industry-wide cleaning, management and labor productivity issues and are the logical choice for standardization between facilities. Our products improve the impact on people’s health, the environment, and on the bottom line.

The three distinct brands of the Pac® Family reflect the unique needs and environments of three specific industries:
• PortionPac® for office buildings and general cleaning.
• SFSPac® for K-12 school nutrition.
• CorrectPac® for state agencies and correctional facilities.