In 1981, PortionPac Chemical Corporation established a separate division devoted to the challenges of cleaning and sanitation in the Corrections Industry. Today, our CorrectPac® Program is serving thousands of local, state, federal, and private correctional facilities.

The value of the CorrectPac® Program extends well beyond proper usage. A complete system of in-person support and educational tools helps corrections personnel improve safety, education, compliance, control and performance while working to meet ACA Accreditation standards.

The CorrectPac® Program process begins with a feasibility study in one area of one facility. You evaluate the CorrectPac® Program including the education and documentation process we develop to meet your needs. Next, we help you achieve better control through standardization whether you have one facility, are statewide or national.

Process & Benefits


• Forecast and document cleaning detergent use for accurate and controlled application.
• Easily monitor inventories and budgets.
• Use fewer products, reducing costs and standardizing operations.

Easy to Use & Control

• Improved safety and security by distributing only the supplies needed for the job.
• Color matched products, accessories and SDS help simplify training and ensure products are used correctly.
• Education materials use pictures and bilingual written instructions to make mixing and use easy to understand.

Environmentally Sustainable

• Less product usage and improved performance with more accurate dilutions.
• Green Seal™ Certified formulations.
• High concentrates and minimal packaging reduce energy use and waste.


• Onsite education by our team teaches users easy ways to clean better and smarter.
• Train-the-trainer program for Fire Safety and Sanitation Officers provides them with the tools they need to train new employees, inmates and residents.
• Easy-to-use and understand visual and multi-media training aids help reinforce proper cleaning procedures.